Intravenous (IV) Therapy Training

The IV therapy training course at Lamar State College Orange is designed for registered nurses (RN), licensed vocational nurses (LVN), nursing students and other licensed practitioners who are or will be involved in inserting, caring, and maintaining intravenous infusion. This IV Therapy Course requires a minimum of 26 hours of didactic coursework (Online/Blackboard) and a minimum of 4 hours of hands-on training (on campus) for a total of 30 hours. Course includes 4 days online and 4 hours n person on the final day.

This course will show participants the process of setting up the necessary equipment and the establishment of an intravenous line using manikins.

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Instructor: Rickey Land, EMT-P

Fee: $160.00

Required Textbook: Introduction to Intravenous Therapy for Health Professionals:
Authors; Eugenia M. Fulcher and Margaret S. Frazier. ISBN 13 978-4160-3399-8

Upcoming Dates

  • Online Portion: March 25, 2024 - March 28, 2024
    In Class/Hands-on: March 28, 2024, from 8am – 12pm in the Workforce Education Building (320 Green Avenue) Room 110

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