Accessibility Services

Special accommodations are provided for students with disabilities. A student wishing to receive academic accommodations at Lamar State College Orange must:

  1. Complete the Accommodations Request form. This form is located below on this webpage, or can be completed in person with the Accessibility Coordinator, located in the Advising Department, in the Ron E. Lewis Library. This form provides the student an opportunity to disclose their diagnosis and request specific accommodations.
  2. Provide sufficient and current documentation in the form of an evaluation performed by a qualified professional (such as a licensed physician, psychologist or audiologist) to the Accessibility Coordinator.
  3. The Accessibility Coordinator will review the Accommodations Request and documentation provided to determine eligibility for reasonable academic accommodations. The Accessibility Coordinator will then contact the student to schedule an intake meeting.
  4. During the intake meeting, the Accessibility Coordinator will discuss the process for implementing accommodations, the responsibilities and expectations of the student, and will then provide the student with an Accommodations Letter which lists the accommodations that the student will receive for the current semester.
  5. The student is responsible for submitting the Accommodations Letter to each of their instructors, and the Testing Center, if applicable.

For more information, please contact the Advising Department at (409) 882-3340.

Accommodation Request Form

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