SCAT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my money back if I don’t pass the written exam(s) and/or the skills validations?             
A: No. All payments are final; however, you will be given an opportunity to retake the exam(s) up to two times. All skills validations must be performed with 100% accuracy.

Q: What if I don’t have the aseptic technique skills necessary to pass the process validation(s)?
A: Your only recourse is to practice the procedure until you have mastered the skills necessary to pass each of the process validation procedures with 100% accuracy and complete adherence to all aspects of aseptic technique as defined by USP<797>.

Q: If I am never able to master the aseptic technique necessary to pass the process validation(s), can I get my money back?
A: No. All payments are final.

Q: Do I need to do continuing education in order to maintain this certificate?
A: No. At this time there is not a continuing education requirement in order to maintain this certificate. However, each state board of pharmacy may have requirements related to IV certification. In addition, regulations regarding sterile compounding and aseptic technique are rapidly evolving. Refer to your state board of pharmacy as well as your facility policy and procedure manual to determine any special requirements for CE specific to sterile compounding personnel.

Q: Is this statement of credit transferable from institution to institution, or from state to state?
A. Yes. This is a nationally transferrable ACPE accredited program in Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique, and meets all current requirements for pharmacist and pharmacy technician SCAT training.

Q: Is this the same as “ACPE IV Certification”?
A: Yes. However, for purposes of clarity, it should be noted that the proper terminology is that you have completed a CE activity from an ACPE accredited provider. This IV certification course meets all current standards for IV certification. For purposes of clarity, it should be noted that ACPE does not (and never has) certify programs, courses, CE activities, or providers. ACPE accredits providers of continuing pharmacy education. Both TSHP and the ACC Pharmacy technician program are ACPE accredited providers of continuing pharmacy education. Note: this course carries the same meaning as outdated terminology such as: “IV certification”, “ACPE Certification”, and “ACPE IV Certification”.

Q: Do I really have to purchase the textbook?
A: Yes. The textbook and attached DVD is required for the course. Please consult your instructor for information on where/how to purchase the textbook.

Textbook: Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique:
Concepts, Training, and Assessment for Pharmacy Technicians-Text with Student Resources DVD
ISBN: 978-0-76384-083-9

Q: I am a pharmacist, but the book says it is for “pharmacy technicians” can I still use this book and training program in order to earn the CE that is required for pharmacists?
A: Yes. The textbook and training program are appropriate for pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and pharmacy students. Upon completion of the course, pharmacists will earn 40 hours (4.0 CEUs) of ACPE accredited continuing education with the “P” UAN designator indicating that it is pharmacist-specific CE. This course meets all current national and state requirements for ACPE accredited training and IV certification for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Q: I am very experienced in sterile compounding and aseptic technique, so I really have to do all of reading and homework assignments that are listed under the requirements for the didactic portion of the course?
A: Yes. In order to complete the course and earn ACPE accredited CE, you are required to complete at least 20 hours of didactic coursework. This may be comprised of reading, completing homework assignments, watching the DVD demonstrations, studying, and taking the two written exams.

Q: I have been working in the IV room for many years, do I really have to complete the 20 hours of hands-on training?
A: Yes. In order to complete the course and earn ACPE accredited CE, you are required to complete at least 20 hours of hands-on training. This may be comprised of informal practice and training in various aspects of SCAT, completing the procedural labs at the end of chapters 6 – 14, practicing for the process validation procedures, and the nine process validations that are required as part of the course.