Disability Support Services

Special accommodations are provided for students with disabilities. To be eligible for Disability Support Services at Lamar State College Orange a student must:

  • Apply and be accepted for admission at Lamar State College Orange through the regular admissions process.
  • Complete an application for Disability Support Services with Office of Disability Support Services, Room 116 of the Ron E. Lewis Library.
  • Provide sufficient and current documentation in the form of an evaluation performed by qualified professional (such as a licensed physician, psychologist or audiologist) to the DSS office.

For more information, please call 409-882-3393.

Students must complete the Accommodation Request Form below. This form provides students an opportunity to describe their disability and accommodations they are hoping to receive. Students must also complete the Student's Responsibility form. Students are responsible for providing the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office with documentation verifying their disability. The DSS Staff will review documentation to determine eligibility for reasonable academic accommodations.

Please do not leave any documentation with this office that you do NOT want released to other professionals.

Accommodation Request Form

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