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Student Government Association



  • Act as a liaison to faculty, administration and staff on behalf of the student body
  • Act upon the suggestions and concerns expressed by the student body
  • Foster recognition of student rights and the college responsibilities to the students
  • Act in the students' best interest when participating in the development of policies for the college
  • Represent students by sitting on college committees
  • Demonstrate leadership, honest, and integrity

Senate Qualifications

  • 2.0 GPA for Undergraduates, 3.0 for Graduates
  • Must be a Full-Time Student (12 semester credit hours for Undergraduates, 6 semester credit hours for Graduates)
  • Must not be on Academic or Disciplinary Probation

All members are elected by the Student Body regardless of race, creed, sex, origin, or disability. As SGA is the voice of LSCO students, all students benefit from the services and programs and programs of SGA. SGA assists students and student organization improve their experience at LSCO.

Meetings are held every Thursday at 3 p.m. in RM 202 of the Student Center


President: Molly Abshire

Vice-President: Cameron Tristan

Secretary: Hannah Shearin

Communicator: Micah Meranda

Parliamentarian: Holden deWit

Senators: Jordyn Burkes, Donna Wilburn, Lana Crump, Carolina Arreola, Linka Crump, Derrick Janice Jr., Keith Greenway, Paul W. Neely, Reimi Cobb

Advisor: Alicia Jones

Any questions regarding SGA, please contact via e-mail: sgapres@lsco.edu


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