Postal Services

The postal services are located in the Academic Center, room 140. This information has been prepared as a source of basic information for LSCO employees to obtain the best use of the available mail services with regard to efficiency and economics. The postal services are to be used only for official college business, as outlined in section 5.11 of the LSCO Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

The collected information addresses topics such as addressing, envelopes, inter-campus mail, U.S. Mail, special services, mail delivery, standard (non-profit), Airborne and other basic information for LSCO mailing needs.

Should you have specific questions regarding lost mail or mailings in general, we urge you to call the LSCO Mail Services office at (409)883-7750 or 0 or E-Mail appropriate LSCO Mail Services staff listed below:

Jeffrey Collins -

Postal Services General Information

Current mail schedule

LSCO postal services processes mail into all faculty, staff and department mailboxes on a daily basis. There is no mail processing on weekends or on scheduled college holidays and planned shutdowns. Mail schedule currently in effect is as follows:

  • Regular U.S. Mail sorted into all mail boxes daily (Monday-Friday)
  • Non-USPS pickup – Call Shipping and Receiving Clerk for details at 409-882-3326
  • Metered mail service - for same day delivery to U.S. Post Office, items need to be at LSCO Postal Services office by 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 11:00am Friday.

LSCO Internal Postal Services

A fax machine and fax cover sheet are available in the postal services office for business related uses. The material to be faxed and completed coversheet can be submitted to postal services employees for transmittal. The faxed material is placed in the employee's mailbox following completion of transmittal.

When a department/office receives an incoming fax, postal services employees will email it to the appropriate person. If the recipient of the fax cannot be determined, the fax will be emailed to the President's Executive Assistant for routing determination.

Intra-campus and inter-campus mail consists of correspondence for delivery to an individual on any of the Lamar campuses

Recycled envelopes can be used for mailing this type correspondence. When using these envelopes, please be sure to mark out previous addresses and print the name of the person or office to receive the envelope. To provide proper delivery, intra- or inter-campus mail requires a full name. Please do not use room numbers or building names.

For any changes in location of departments/offices or personnel, the LSCO postal services office must be notified in order to avoid delay in mail reaching the proper departments/offices and personnel. Send any location or personnel changes to the Coordinator of Information Resources via email or written memo.

For large mailouts to groups of employees via intra-campus mail, the correct number of copies needs to be submitted to the LSCO postal services. Instructions detailing what group or groups of employees should receive the mailout should also be submitted.

Mail with postage already attached or indicated is to be bundled and separated from other types of mail.

The college requires that all faculty and staff receive their personal mail at their homes or other designated locations.

Outgoing personal mail must have the proper postage affixed prior to depositing at the LSCO Postal Services Office. Personal mail delivered to the LSCO postal services will be taken to the U.S. Post Office based on current LSCO mail schedule.

Any college department/office planning to mail 200 or more identical mail pieces at one time may take advantage of the bulk mail rates. The use of bulk mail rates may reduce mailing cost by half, depending on delivery needs and advanced planning.

A minimum of 200 pieces is required. All pieces must be uniform in weight and contents. Each piece must weigh fewer than 16 ounces. The mailings must be delivered to the LSCO postal services sorted in zip code order.

Examples of bulk mailings are fliers, brochures and printed matter. This mail may not contain material of a first class nature or any handwritten material.

In order to comply with current U.S. postal services regulations, all departments/offices that are designing a mail piece for mailing must bring the mail piece to LSCO postal services office for approval before the item is printed. Mail presented for mailing without approval by the LSCO postal services office could be rejected, delayed or cost the department/office more to mail.

The LSCO postal services office may reject bulk mailings that do not conform to the U.S. postal services rules and regulations.

US Postal Services Special Services

Any letter/flat that needs special services should clearly be marked with the service required. Please make sure the information on the special services needed is secured to the mail piece. Please do not use Post-It notes without making sure the Post-It note is taped to the item being mailed. The following USPS special services are available:

Certified mail is for first class mail only. The sender completes the certified mail request form, which is then attached to the mail piece. This form includes a return receipt for proof of delivery. This service provides the sender with a mailing receipt, and a record of delivery is retained for two years at the receiving U.S. Post Office.
Registered mail is the most secure service the U.S. Postal Service offers. This service incorporates a system of receipts to monitor registered articles from the point of acceptance to delivery. Postage insurance may be purchased.
A return receipt is your proof of delivery. It is available for insured, certified, registered and domestic express mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the article number, who signed for it and the date it was delivered.
Restricted delivery is available on certified and registered mail only. For a fee it restricts the delivery to only the addressee, or the addressee can authorize, in writing, someone else to receive the mail.

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