Shipping & Receiving

The Shipping and Receiving Department is located at 408 4th St. in the Physical Plant Building

  • Hours of operations are Monday - Thursday, 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Friday, 7:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
  • Service is not available during official holidays or on weekends.

Policies of Operation:

  • To receive, accept, and inspect all packages and materials that are the property of LSCO with the exception of the U.S. mail that is delivered to the mailroom.
  • Prepare and ship packages and materials that pertain to LSCO business.
  • To tag, transfer, and dispose of property according to the policy and procedures of the SPA manual.
  • Store excess LSCO equipment and supplies for redistribution and disposal.

Shipping of Packages and Materials

  • The physical plant of LSCO is the central shipping location for all packages. Return shipping is handled by UPS and/or other freight and courier services. A UPS shipping form is to be completed by the returnee or shipping clerk before the package can be picked up by the Shipping and Receiving Department. If packages were sent in error, the department should contact the company and request a call tag for the item to be sent back.
  • When an item is to be sent back, the shipping and receiving clerk should be aware of the timeline for shipping. A department employee may bring the package to the warehouse, or arrangements may be made for package to be picked up by calling ext. 3326 after 7 a.m. Please give at least one day's notice for pick up. Allow enough time for the item to be delivered to its destination.

Receiving Packages and Materials

  • All items addressed to LSCO will be received at the physical plant receiving area
  • All packages and materials will be inspected for damage on arrival. If any damage is visible, the item may be refused, or the delivery person may write the type of damage on the freight ticket.
  • Items that were obtained with a purchase order will be inventoried and tagged according to the SPA Policy and Procedures Manual before they are delivered. Note: Exceptions to the above are items that are delivered directly to the user and accounted for (e.g., furniture that is installed by a vendor, etc.). These items will be tagged soon after installation is completed.
  • The physical plant personnel will deliver all equipment and packages to the appropriate department.
  • Packages without purchase order numbers will not be opened unless destination cannot be determined.
  • LSCO may refuse any order which requires a Material Safety Data Sheet and is not included in the shipment.

Donated, Surplus, and Trade-In Equipment

  • Will not be accepted without prior permission from the president of the college.
  • If accepted, the following will be needed:
    • Description of item(s).
    • Manufacturer, model number, serial number (if applicable), and dollar amount of each item.
    • Location of item and person who is receiving item.

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