Physical Plant Policies

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the renovation, maintenance, repair, and operation of facilities at Lamar State College - Orange. These responsibilities encompass routine maintenance, extraordinary repairs/renovations, and service requests from campus personnel/departments, The Director of Physical Plant reports directly to the president of the college and supervises all aspects of Physical Plant operations. The director consults with the president and other campus officials concerning facility needs and construction projects. Specific responsibilities are outlined below.


  • Monitor all buildings and mechanical systems to insure their integrity and proper operation.
  • Schedule and perform preventive maintenance on buildings and building-related equipment as necessary.
  • Maintain the safety of all facilities and equipment.
  • Coordinate the licensure and inspection of all building-related equipment/facilities as required by law.
  • Coordinate pest control services
  • Install and service equipment as needed.
  • Assist with relocating personnel/offices as needed.
  • Respond to "work order" requests from departments and individuals.
  • Make emergency repairs as needed.
  • Maintain vehicle fleet
  • Coordinate the delivery of utility services to the campus.
  • Provide shipping and delivery service for the campus.
  • Conduct campus inventory of furniture and equipment and bar code new equipment.
  • Distribute and maintain fire extinguishers as required by law.
  • Advise the president and vice president for finance on all construction projects.
  • Serve as liaison between contractors/superintendents and campus administration.


  • Requests for departmental services should be directed to the physical plant director by completing a work order form. The request must describe fully the services desired, and all blanks on the form must be completed.
  • Emergency requests should be directed to the physical plant by calling extension 3367 or 3326. A work order form should follow any emergency request.
  • The work order form can be accessed through MyLSCO.
  • Tools and equipment placed at the disposal of physical plant employees are for in-house use only.
  • Some tools, such as the roto hammer or an airless paint gun, require a specialized skill or knowledge of operation that must be handled by a physical plant operator.
  • Physical plant tools and equipment are not to be used or taken off the college campus.
  • Equipment purchased and operated by campus departments is typically maintained by those departments. The physical plant staff is available to assist in these efforts, provided that they have the necessary expertise.
  • Physical plant personnel are available to assist with moving furniture and equipment. Work orders must be submitted in advance in order to schedule this assistance.
  • All locks used in campus buildings must be keyed to the master key system so that all areas are available for emergency service and response by the physical plant.
  • The physical plant department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all locks and for the production of keys.
  • Key distribution is the responsibility of Campus Security. Any request for a key must be approved in advance by the security director or by the president.

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