Coming Fall 2021 – Gator Book Pack

The Gator Book Pack is our new affordable textbook rental access program that will provide students with all required rental textbooks, lab manuals, access codes, and electronic book versions before the first day of class!

This pack allows students to receive their textbooks for all of the classes that they register for at a standard rate of $25 per semester credit hour. For example, if a student is registered for 10 semester credit hours, the cost of textbooks is $250. The cost can be paid by financial aid or by the student. If a student enrolls in a payment plan, this charge will be included in the payment plan calculations. Supplies are not included in this program and will need to be purchased separately.

Students are automatically enrolled in the Gator Book Pack at the time of registration, however, they will have the chance to ‘opt-out’ of this rental access program before the 5th class day.

Students will be able to find the opt-out link on the LSCO Gator Book Pack landing page during the ‘opt-out’ period prior to the beginning of the semester. Students who opt-out will be responsible for purchasing all required course materials on their own.

Within 30 days of the first-class day, students will receive an email through their LSCO account directing them to verify their classes, provide an address to have their rental books shipped to them, or select the option to pick up their Gator Book Pack at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore on the Lamar University campus in Beaumont.

At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to return their rented books by mail or drop them off at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore on the Lamar University campus in Beaumont. Students will be notified through their LSCO email about book return options. Students will have the option to purchase their textbook rentals through instructions that will be emailed to them from the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Information sessions on the Gator Book Pack will be forthcoming. Check back here for future dates.

How It Works

Register for Your Courses

Upon registering for courses, you will be automatically enrolled into the Gator Book Pack rental access program.

Verify Your Order

Starting 30 days before the first day of classes, you will receive an order verification link in your LSCO email asking you to verify your rental order. You will also be allowed to select your delivery preference at this time.

Delivery Options

Receive Your Books

Once you confirm your order, an email notification will be sent to your LSCO email account notifying you when your rental order will be ready for pickup or when it will ship. You will be required to either provide an address to ship your books to or you will be given the option to pick up your Gator Book Pack at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore on the Lamar University campus in Beaumont. Your email will provide guidance on shipping information and pick-up details.

Your digital materials will be delivered for your course(s) within Blackboard.


All students will receive emails to their LSCO email account reminding them to verify their Gator Book Pack rental order. If you do not take action to either verify your order OR opt-out of the Gator Book Pack, your student account WILL still be charged for the Gator Book Pack.

Yes. If you take action to verify your order and not opt out of the program, your student account will still be charged.

If you drop a class, you may return the rented books to the bookstore on the same terms and timelines currently in place. If you drop a class and enroll in a different class, the bookstore will “swap” the required textbooks/codes so that you have what you need.

Students with disabilities who need textbooks in accessible formats should contact the Accessibility Coordinator at (409) 882-3955.

No. The campus bookstore will be transitioning to a virtual store in the summer of 2021.

Yes, you will have 48 hours after pick up to return your rented textbooks to the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore on the Lamar Campus in Beaumont. If you do not return the rented textbooks, the charges for the bundle will go back onto your student account.

Orders cannot be processed until you take action on the email you receive via your LSCO email account and verify your order. If you have already verified your order, call (409) 880-8342 or email the bookstore or and give them your order number so they can check on the status of your order.

If you receive an incomplete order or one that contains the wrong rented materials, send a copy of the syllabus to In your email, make sure to include important information like course name, section number, the instructor’s name, your R800 number, and your contact information.

Gator Book Pack is an institution-wide response to support the increasing number of students who lack access to required course material due to cost. This new program will save the average student $150-200 a semester on books and will provide them by the first day of class.

The Gator Book Pack makes getting rental textbooks easier on students, which will ultimately improve their success at LSCO. Not only will students have the chance to receive their rentals by the first day of class, but they will save an estimated $150-200 on textbooks a semester by using the Gator Book Pack.

The Gator Book Pack will cost $25 per semester credit hour, or $300 for a 12 semester credit hour course load. Previously, LSCO recommended for students to budget $500 for books and supplies each semester.

The Gator Book Pack rental access charge will be included on your LSCO student account along with other charges such as tuition and fees. By being included on your student account, you may use Financial Aid, scholarships, etc., to pay for your required rental course materials and textbooks. If you add extra merchandise upon verifying your order, you will pay the bookstore with a debit or credit card.

The Gator Book Pack rental access program is designed to be an all-in or all-out solution to bring affordability to campus.

During the designated opt-out period (approximately 30 days before the beginning of the semester), you will have the ability to opt-out of the rental access program through the Gator Book Pack website.

The LSCO bookstore website will continue to provide all the details surrounding books needed for classes.

For Gator Book Pack rental access program questions, please contact the bookstore by emailing or calling (409) 880-8342. For specific questions related to your order, please contact the bookstore by calling (409) 880-8342.

During the designated opt-out period (approximately 30 days before the beginning of the semester), you will have the ability to opt-out through the opt-out link on this website.

Yes, you can change your decision until the 5th class day. Keep in mind you will need to return your rented textbooks within 48 hours of receipt if you have already received them prior to opting out.

You can opt-out and opt back in until the 5th class day.

The Gator Book Pack rental access program will be handled in the same fashion as refunds are for other tuition and fees.

Yes! You will be offered an option to buy the textbook at the end of the semester. You will receive an email through your LSCO account with instructions about purchasing the rented textbook. The rental buyout price is a discounted price based upon the market-value of that unique material.

You will need to work directly with the bookstore at the end of the semester and submit your payment to the bookstore. Charges for purchasing a book are not transferred to or processed through your LSCO student account.


We know things happen! If your book is damaged, destroyed, or lost during the semester, please email and they will work it out on a case-by-case basis.

Your rented textbooks and materials will be provided in the format requested by the faculty.

Barnes and Noble is committed to protecting all personal information and take the utmost precautions to secure and store data for all students.

The data provided to the bookstore is only used to help us deliver all your rented course materials based upon your selected delivery preference.

No. Barnes and Noble is committed to the safeguarding of all of your personal information and will not sell personal information to third parties.

LSCO and Barnes and Noble are both focused on delivering affordable course materials options to our students. The Gator Book Pack is a full-service course material program that delivers a highly personalized experience for students, retains faculty choice of course materials, and delivers deep savings to students. Barnes & Noble is also our contracted bookstore provider with whom we coordinate all things textbook-related.

With the Gator Book Pack rental access program, you will pay for the total number of credits taken a semester, not by the number of courses using the program. You have to either fully opt-in or opt-out for all classes in your semester. The fee is determined by the total number of semester credit hours you enroll in regardless of whether or not any of the courses use OERs or don’t require textbooks.

All questions associated with your student account, including those related to the Gator Book Pack, can be directed to the LSCO Cashier Desk at (409) 882-3371. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Summer hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 8am-5:30 pm and Friday 8am-noon.