Cypress Branches: The Journal of Academic and Creative Achievement at LSCO

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The pandemic time has been one of unprecedented stress and strain, and it has brought us new ways of thinking. Many things on our campus have been rebooted because of the pandemic, and we’re excited to announce that Cypress Branches is undergoing just such a reboot.

In the past, Cypress Branches was known as our campus literary arts journal. In its new incarnation, however, Cypress Branches will be a journal that illustrates the best work that our students do ACROSS the campus. That’s right: we envision it encompassing work that students do in all of their classes, not just their English, arts, or humanities classes.

The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2023, and student work from the Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023 semesters will be welcomed. We are also planning a reception for students and their families and friends, and we hope to be able to display some of the works as well as honor all of those whose work is featured.


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