LSCO Graduate Michael Martin Transforms Personal Tragedy into Literary Success

May 31, 2024

Michael Martin at Commencement
Recent LSCO graduate, Michael Martin, is an avid writer and published author. He discovered his love for writing in fourth grade when he was assigned to write a poem but submitted a descriptive story instead. His teacher was so impressed with his unique work that she shared it with his mother. This was when his passion to create and share stories with others took root.
Martin is originally from Southeast Idaho. There, he met and married his high school sweetheart, and the couple had three children. He drove a truck for many years to provide for his family. He spent several of his off-duty hours writing and furthering his education online with the goal of embarking on a new career path.
Unfortunately, a back injury took its toll on Martin, forcing him and his family to relocate to Bridge City to find work. A few years after the move, his back injury worsened to the point of requiring surgery. The operation failed, leaving Martin disabled. He decided to view this disheartening news in a positive way, seeing it as an opportunity to dive into his passions to pursue an education at LSCO and write a book. After a couple of semesters, he released his book, The Curse of the Obsidian Template. 
Upon the release of his novel, Martin was hesitant to shine a spotlight on it. He felt like his work was not up to the standard of perfection he wanted it to be at. In addition to this, he battled with comparing his work to other writers'. However, through applying advice he received from two of his professors to his life, he got the courage to share his book with others. Martin now hopes to encourage others to do the same.
“So, [this is] for those of you who love to share stories with others and worry that you may never be as good as other writers.” Martin said. “I implore you to unlock your anxious mind, because you have an amazing story inside that others would love to hear; and you have the key potential to unlock that talent inside of yourself.”
Martin graduated with two Cybersecurity certificates in May of 2024 and earned a place on the President's list for the Spring semester carrying a 4.0 GPA. Interested in earning a certificate or degree in Cybersecurity? Learn more at
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