STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Working Her Way Up the County Ladder

June 3, 2019

Elizabeth Boehme

Elizabeth Boehme enjoys watching true-crime and murder mystery shows on TV.

After so many episodes, it didn’t take long for the 20-year-old LSCO student to realize that a career in the court system could be interesting.

“I just decided that I wanted to see what it was like,” said Elizabeth, a graduate of LCM high school.

As luck would have it, there was a job opening at the Orange County Courthouse, but one that wasn’t exactly in the middle of the court action - it was in housekeeping.

“I knew I’d be meeting everyone taking their trash out,” she said. “It was a way to get my foot in the door. I needed a job because I have a family to support, but I was happy to find one that could grow into something more.”

And she was right.

After five months with housekeeping, Elizabeth was offered a part time job in the County Clerk’s office doing filing and prepping paper files from the early 1900s to be scanned into electronic files.

A full time position in that office will open later this year and Elizabeth is excited to see her plans coming to fruition.

Her work schedule will not interfere with her school schedule so she can continue her classes at LSCO. When Elizabeth started at LSCO, she planned to become a nurse. After completing the Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) course, she realized that was not what the profession she wanted.

“It takes very special people to do that and I decided I didn’t like doing that,” she said.

She’s now a Liberal Arts major and is happy to be part of the LSCO family.

“I really enjoy coming to school here. I have the same people in my classes so I get to know them and it’s so close to home,” she said. “I have friends at four-year universities who are paying so much for the same programs we have here.”

Elizabeth said her favorite instructor is Dr. Arlene Turkel and she’s glad to have had her two semesters in a row.

Elizabeth’s Academic Advisor, Cheryl January, said Elizabeth shows great work ethic with taking a job and working her way up to a full time position - all while staying in school and raising a 2-year-old.

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