SGA President, Josh Taylor, Takes the Helm as TSUS Student Advisory Board Chair

SGA and Administration

Current LSCO student, Josh Taylor, was recently elected to the position of TSUS Student Advisory Board chair. Taylor currently serves as president for LSCO’s Student Government Association (SGA) and was elected by SGA representatives from other TSUS schools to serve as board chair. The soon-to-be sophomore is the first two-year college student to hold the position of TSUS Student Advisory chair. 

“Being the first two-year college in TSUS to hold the SAB chair position is quite an honor,” said SGA Advisor, Amy Moore. “I wish I could take any credit for Josh’s success, but what this really means is that in the semester he has served as LSCO SGA President, he has shown himself to be a leader who listens, can work with others, and is willing to take on difficult tasks to make things better for others.”

Being part of the Student Advisory Board is an incredible gateway to making a difference. It allows students to impact not only their own school, but others in the same system. It cultivates a space for advocacy and direct action. There are many opportunities to work closely with peers attending other institutions in the TSUS.

“The Student Advisory Board is the main catalyst for students to change their campus for the better,” Josh Taylor said. “Our greatest goal is to make sure we solve our students' issues on a system-wide level, which involves seven other campuses.”

Josh made a name for himself around campus early on in his collegiate career. When he started at LSCO, he immediately got involved in campus life. In addition to his involvement in SGA, he is also a student worker and secretary of a student-led Bible study. Faculty, staff, and his peers quickly took notice of his good character and desire to lead and serve others. 

“We are honored to have Josh representing the Lamar State College student body as SGA President and Student Advisory Board Chair with TSUS,” President Tom Johnson said. “He is a leader, advocate, and trailblazer for those he represents.”

Josh TaylorTaking on the task of serving as both SGA President and SAB chair requires preparation and a strong work ethic. It is important to know how to work with others for the greater good. Taylor is no stranger to serving those around him; he volunteers for the SETX Food Bank and Shangri La Botanical Gardens. His passion to help through these outlets is the same passion he will carry into his role to advocate for other students.

“I am preparing myself to become as understanding as possible so I can advocate for our students to the best of my ability,” Taylor said. “I will also be building my confidence when presenting so I can properly convey the issues our students face to the Board of Regents.”

Josh is taking full advantage of this as a growing opportunity. He is prepared to be a voice for his peers and take effective action when given the chance to do so. Taylor is excited and ready to represent LSCO in his newly acquired role.

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