Jones Takes on New Role in Learning Technology

November 1, 2020

Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones has worked in the LSCO Student Activities department for more than three years. During that time, she juggled activities, organizations, events, and earning her Master’s degree in Digital Learning and Leading. With the completion of her degree, Alicia was recently promoted to the position of Coordinator of Learning Technology. 

Q: What is the Coordinator of Learning Technology?

A: Responsible for assisting in the development of short- and long-range plans for the integration and maximization of technology into all instructional programs.

Q: What will your responsibilities entail?

A: Research, coordinate, and deliver professional development; provide service and support for all faculty and students; collaborate with faculty to evaluate, transform, and redesign their traditional face-to-face courses or existing online courses into high quality online courses; research technologies and products designed to enhance digital learning and determine how they can be integrated with existing college technology; and consult with faculty on technological and pedagogical issues relevant to online teaching and learning.

Q: What are some goals you’ve set for the department or some ideas you want to implement for LSCO?

A: I’d really love to develop a Philosophy of Online Education for our campus as well as cultivate an online learning community. By creating a culture of online learning, LSCO can strengthen efforts across campus and disciplines to foster a collaborative community with teaching, learning, and mentorship opportunities available in which both faculty and students will benefit from. It’s a win – win.

Q: How excited are you about this transition?

A: Very excited

Q: Will you still be involved with students?

A: As much as I can be!

Q: What will you miss the most about Student Activities?

A: Building new relationships with students outside of the classroom, advising SGA, and my morning coffee talks with Ashley.

Next Steps