Graduate Makes History in Maritime Program

May 28, 2020

Dean Gina Simar, Halle Brown, WOS CTE Director Jenny Morgan, and Captain Chris Horner
Dean Gina Simar, Halle Brown, WOS CTE Director Jenny Morgan, and Captain Chris Horner

Halle Brown plans to be on the water a lot now that she’s a high school graduate with a college certificate. But instead of playing on the water, she’ll be working.
Halle made history twice this semester as the first dual credit and female graduate of Lamar State College Orange’s Maritime Program.

The West Orange Stark High School graduate is now looking for her first job in the maritime industry.

“Her job prospects are really good,” said Captain Chris Horner, the program director for the maritime courses. “She’s got a leg up because she’s been in our classes here and being a female [in a traditionally male-dominated industry] might help her, too. She might advance pretty fast because she’s a lot smarter than she gives herself credit for. She likes to play like she doesn’t know how to do something but when she does it, she excels.”

Halle admits that she didn’t know anything about maritime when her high school counselor first suggested the dual credit program to her.

“I was just trying to find something beneficial,” she said. “I got in here and got to do some hands-on work and realized I actually liked it.”

For the first semester of the program, Halle was the only female in her class. She was even the first female that Captain Horner has had in class in all the years he’s been an instructor.

“I was pleasantly surprised and super impressed at how well she did,” Captain Chris said.

Halle said her classmates never gave her a hard time and that she enjoyed being in class with them.

“I kind of showed them up a little bit,” she said with a laugh.

“Throwing lines and doing stuff like that, she did make them look bad for awhile,” Captain Chris added. “She really applied herself.”

With her basic certificate completed, Halle now needs to acquire sea time in her quest to make a career out of this training. Captain Chris’ connections in the local maritime industry are a great benefit to her and other program students as he helps them find the right job with the right company.

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