CLEP Policy

Lamar State College Orange welcomes a variety of students, many of whom bring an established knowledge base with them to the campus. To recognize such knowledge, Lamar State College Orange awards credit on the basis of the Subject Examinations of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

CLEP Credit Granted by Lamar State College Orange

Subject Examination Credit -
Lamar Course
History and Social Sciences
American Government 50 3 GOVT 2305
The other half of the state mandated requirement must be satisfied by taking GOVT 2306.
*History of the United States I:
Early Colonization to 1877
50 3 HIST 1301
*History the United States II:
1865 to the Present
50 3 HIST 1302
*A total of six hours (HIST 1301 and HIST 1302) may be awarded; however, a student must take three additional hours of classroom instruction in American history to satisfy the state requirements for graduation.
Human Growth and Development
(Elective Only)
50 3 PSYC 2308
Introduction to Educational Psychology(Elective Only)
(Does not meet Teacher certification requirements)
50 3 PEDG 3302
Introductory Psychology 50 3 PSYC 2301
Introductory Sociology 50 3 SOCI 1301
Western Civilization I:
Ancient Near East to 1648
50 3 HIST 2321
Western Civilization II
1648 to the Present
50 3 HIST 2322

Composition and Literature

American Literature 50 3 ENGL 2326
English (British) Literature 50 3 ENGL 2326
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50 3 ENGL 1302
**College Composition Modular 50 0/3 ENGL 1301
**The quality of the essay will determine the amount of credit awarded, either 0, or 3 hours. 0/3 ENGL 1301
NOTE: The above composition and literature exams require the optional essay test before receiving credit at Lamar State College Orange. See the attached information regarding CLEP essay evaluation.

Science and Mathematics

Calculus 50 4 MATH 2413
College Algebra 50 3 MATH 1314
Pre-Calculus 50 3 MATH 2312
**General Biology Elective/No Lab 50 6 GEN BIO
**Gen. Chemistry Elective/No Lab 50 6 GEN CHEM

Foreign Languages

French Language - two semesters 50 6 FREN 1311,1312
French Language - four semesters 62 12 FREN 1311,1312,
German Language - two semesters 50 6 GERM 1311,1312
German Language- four semesters 63 12 GERM 1311,1312,
Spanish - Language - two semesters 50 6 SPAN 1311,1312
Spanish Language - four semesters 66 12 SPAN 1311,1312,


Principles of Macroeconomics 50 3 ECON 2301
Principles of Microeconomics 50 3 ECON 2302
Principles of Management
(Elective Only)
*(For Non-Business Majors Only)
50 3 MGMT 3310
Financial Accounting
Non-Business Majors
50 6 ACCT 2301,2302
Business Majors 55 6 ACCT 2301,2302
Principles of Marketing*
*(For Non-Business Majors Only)
50 3 MKTG 3310
Intro. Business Law*
*(For Non-Business Majors Only)
50 3 BULW 3310
Info. Systems and Computer Applications 50 3 COSC 1371
or COSC 1301

**The subject examinations for general biology and general chemistry will not meet lab science requirements. These may be used for elective requirements only.


The director of freshman English and one tenured department member, ordinarily the head of the department, will evaluate the essay portion of the CLEP examination. In the event of conflicting evaluations, a third faculty reader judges the examination. The College Composition Modular essay may be judged deserving of no college credit, or of three hours (ENGL 1301) credit. A written record of the evaluative comments on CLEP essay examinations must clearly be above average, at least B grade quality, to be judged deserving of credit. More specifically, the essays are judged by the following holistic criteria:

  1. CONTENT: Do the essays contain sufficient relevant intellectual content? Are generalizations concretely supported?
  2. RELEVANCE:  Do the essays respond to the actual topics assigned?
  3. ORGANIZATION: Are the thoughts communicated in reasonable order, particularly as evidenced by paragraph organization?
  4. USAGE: Are the essays largely free of problems in standard English usage, particularly problems such as sentence fragments, run-on sentences, mixed or incomplete constructions, subject-verb disagreements, tense shifts and general misuse of standard mechanics?

General Information

Lamar State College Orange awards credit on the basis of the Subject Examinations of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). A student may receive up to 30 hours of academic credit.

Except for satisfying the course work-in-residence and the state mandated American history and the American government requirements, credit earned by examination is equivalent to credit earned by taking the course. Credit will be awarded only when the student is enrolled at Lamar State College Orange at the time of the examination. It is the student's responsibility to request CLEP credit placed on his/her records. Credit will not be awarded if the student had received prior credit for the same course or its equivalent. Grades will not be assigned, and hours will not be used in computation of a grade point average.

At this time, Lamar State College Orange recognizes the ACE recommended scores as the criteria for granting credit. We reserve the right to change these required scores at any time. Any changes made will supersede any other policy.


  1. Contact the Testing Office to schedule an appointment for testing. The Testing Office is located in Room 104 of the Ron E. Lewis Library. You may also call 409-882-3330 to schedule testing.

  2. Complete registration and remit exam fee prior to appointment through the My Account registration portal at A voucher will be generated, which must be presented upon check-in on test day.

  3. A $15 non-refundable service fee must be paid to Lamar State College Orange for each exam taken. This fee should be paid to the cashier on the third floor of the Ron E. Lewis Library and the receipt brought to the test. 

For Your Information

  • The Testing Center number for Lamar State College Orange is 8372.

  • Examinees must present acceptable photo I.D. prior to testing. Students will not be permitted to test without presenting photo I.D.

  • LSCO requires a CLEP Test Essay for the composition and literature exams. The essay typically takes three to four weeks to be returned from scoring.
  • Single subject study guides can be downloaded from the College Board website, and the CLEP Sampler can be downloaded at

  • Scores from exams are sent electronically to CLEP. In rare cases errors in transmission may occur that may result in a retest. Lamar State College Orange is not liable for any electronic errors of this nature. Upon verification of this occurrence, LSCO will waive the $15 service fee if a retest becomes necessary. The examinee must contact CLEP regarding the CLEP fee.