Accreditation Resource Team

ART Assignments

Patty Collins, Chair: Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Instructional Resources, Institutional Accreditation Liaison  

David Mosley, Vice Chair: Director of SACSCOC Reporting (Part-time)

Dr. Wendy Elmore: Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs / Provost

Emily Mellen: Director of Public Relations & Development

Luke Bourgeois: Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships

Amy Moore: Director of Student Life

Robyn Burdette: Director of Advising

Jamie Oltz: Controller

Nathan Campos: Coordinator of Institutional Research and Reporting

Eric Owens: Assistant Professor

Kevin Doss: Instructor

Jennifer Petitjean: Webmaster

Diane Dotson: Instructor

Summer Rather: Director of Admissions / Registrar

Lora Rives: Director of Human Resources

Phyllis Ford: Administrator: LSC-O Foundation 

Dr. Matt McClure: Professor

George Scarborough: Assistant Professor

Joseph Hargrave: Director of Safety & Security

Amanda Smith: Assistant Professor, Faculty Senate President

Brian Hull: Dean of Student Services

Samantha Smith: Director of Library Services, QEP Director

Dr. Keith Jones: Associate Dean of Technical Studies

Jennifer Trotter: Instructor

Stephanie Jones: Executive Assistant to the President

Mandee Tucker: Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Programs

Lakrystal Joubert: Director of Financial Aid

Kristin Walker: Dean of Academic and Technical Studies

Elias Jureidini: Assistant Professor

Dr. Gwen Whitehead: Professor

Dana Kullman: Associate Dean of Academic Studies

Mary Wickland: Vice President of Finance and Operations

Janet Lemons: Assistant Professor

Jessica Williams: Instructor

Alicia Lloyd: Director of Learning Technology and Student Success

Cindy Wyles: Director of Print & Design Services

Byron Lumpkin: Instructor