Welcome to MyGator!

MyGator is the new one-stop portal for all of your LSCO needs. In MyGator, you will find access to Blackboard, Microsoft 365, Gator Self Service, and more.

MyGator provides secure, easy access to college online applications and resources from one customizable dashboard.

Students, faculty, and staff may use the dashboard to view and manage academic as well as administrative information.

* Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Firefox, and Opera browsers are recommended to access MyGator.
** Please do NOT use Internet Explorer

LSCO Gator Login to MyGator

If prompted, log in with your username and password.
You may be prompted for Duo authentication.

For security reasons, please log out and close your web browser when you are done accessing MyGator.

Account and Password Assistance

In order to use MyGator, you will need to know your LSCO username and password.
LSCO has provided online tools to help you look up your username and reset a forgotten password.

Visit the LSCO Information Technology Services website to learn about technology resources available at LSCO.

Contact the Help Desk for assistance by E-mail at HelpDesk@lsco.edu or by phone at (409) 882-3033 during the following normal business hours:

Help Desk Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Acceptable Use: It is a violation of college policy, state laws, and federal laws if you gain or help others gain unauthorized access to MyGator or any LSCO application or service. If unauthorized access or use is gained, you will be subject to college disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law. By logging into MyGator, you are responsible for strictly adhering to college policy, state laws and federal laws governing computer security. Penalties exist for unauthorized access, unauthorized use, or unauthorized distribution of information from LSCO Experience. Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring. Applicable privacy laws establish the expectation of privacy. College Information Resources Policies provide guidance for the appropriate use of LSCO's information resources.