Dual Credit High School

The Lamar State College Orange Dual Credit program is designed for high school students to earn concurrent high school credit and college credit by taking the same courses while they are still attending high school. In most instances, students take the courses at the high school, and many students begin the program in their junior year.

Students enrolled in the Dual Credit program are admitted and registered as college students, pay college costs at a greatly reduced rate, and generate a college transcript at the end of the course. All course credits earned are fully transferable to any public college or university in the state of Texas and to most other colleges and universities as well.

Students interested in earning college credit for high school courses should contact their high school counselors or the Lamar State College Orange Dual Credit Office at DualCredit@lsco.edu, 409-882-3955. 

Getting Started

  College Ready TSIA2 Scores Exemptions for Dual Enrolled Students

CRC 950+


CRC below 950 with Diagnostic level = 6

STAAR Algebra I EOC:  4000 and C or better in Algebra II
PSAT: Math 510
SAT: Math 530
ACT: Math 22
Prior to Feb 15, 2023:
Composite 23 with Math 19
Grade of C or better in college course requiring TSI math
Language Arts
& Reading (ELAR)
CRC 945+ AND Essay of 5+


CRC below 945 with Diagnostic level of 5+ AND Essay of 5+
STAAR English II EOC: 4000
PSAT: English 460
SAT: English Read/Write EBRW: 480
ACT: E+R combined score 40
Prior to Feb 15, 2023:
Composite 23 with English 19
Grade of C or better in college course requiring TSI ELAR

* TSI Assessment scores before Jan 2021.

BACTERIAL MENINGITIS VACCINATION REQUIREMENT: All new students who are under 22 years old must be vaccinated if attending classes on campus. Vaccination is not required for students not attending classes on the LSCO campus or students taking online courses. Visit Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement for more information.

CONTINUING DUAL CREDIT STUDENT: Complete the High School Dual Credit Supplemental Application.  Students out for one long semester will need to reapply at https://goapplytexas.org/.

STUDENTS WITH DOCUMENTED DISABILITY: Contact the LSCO Special Populations Advisor at 409-882-3393 or visit the Disability Support Services page.

COST: Tuition and fees (including online and lab) are $45 per credit hour for Dual Credit courses. Most core classes are 3 credit hours and cost $135. Textbooks and course materials may be an additional cost.

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