Electromechanical Technology

The Electromechanical Technology Program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair and maintain industrial machinery and equipment such as cranes, pumps, engines and motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, production machinery, marine deck machinery; and steam propulsion, refinery, and pipeline-distribution systems. 

Students will gain knowledge and skills for employment in high-demand high-projected-growth occupations including Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians, Electromechanical Technicians, Industrial Engineering Technicians, Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment Technicians, and Industrial Machinery Mechanics. The program also provides a solid foundation for students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. 

Although mentally and physically challenging, the Electromechanical Technology program is designed for the student who prefers hands-on learning opportunities rather than book-work. Traditional students can complete the certification in three semesters. Dual credit students who begin in the 11th grade can complete the program by high school graduation.


Requirements for the course include:

LSCO Admission Requirements
Electromechanical Technology Admission Requirements
Graduation Requirements

Degree Plans

Electromechanical Technology Level 1 Certificate
Electromechanical Technology Associate of Applied Science


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