Emergency/Risk Management

The Lamar State College Orange Emergency and Risk Management team is responsible for establishing policies, procedures, and organizational structure for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery to emergencies that are of a sufficient magnitude to cause a significant disruption of the functioning of all or portions of the College.

Our Safety & Security Department plays a major role in the response to emergencies on our campus.  Our Officers have over 80 years combined law enforcement experience.  That knowledge is shared with our campus to ensure our faculty, staff, and students enjoy a safe environment at LSCO.

LSCO's Emergency Management and Business Continuity Plan describes the roles and responsibilities of departments, units, and personnel during emergency situations.  The basic emergency procedures are designed to protect lives and property through effective use of College and community resources.

LSCO's Active Attack Response & Training Plan provides instructions and guidance to effectively address the response of LSCO to an active shooter or hostile intruder incident.

Director of Safety & Security
Emergency & Risk Management Coordinator
Joseph Hargrave
AC Room 149
(409) 882-3910

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