Certificate of Completion

This program prepares students for careers in an entry-level maintenance, instrument and electrical positions within chemical plants, refineries, pipeline transmission companies, and industrial manufacturing.  This certificate helps students understand the basics in theory, physics, fundamentals, and safety in the field of instrumentation (including the measurement of flow, level, and temperature), and electricity (including AC and DC circuits).

Program of Study
First Semester 15 Credit Hours
CETT 1403 DC Circuits 4
INCR 1402 Physics of Instrumentation 4
INTC 1358 Flow & Measurement Calibration 3
PTAC 1408 Safety, Health and Environment I or OSHA 2401 Regulations-General Industry 4
Second Semester 11 Credit Hours
CETT 1405 AC Circuits 4
INCR 1442  Measurement & Process Control Theory (Capstone Course) 4
INTC 1301 Principals of Industrial Measurements I 3
Total Credit Hours for Instrumentation Certificate 26 credits

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