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Campus Security Authorities

First Name Last Name  Title Email Phone
Alicia Jones Coordinator of Student Activities Title IX Assistant Coordinator and Investigator alicia.jones@lsco.edu 409.882.3097
Ashley Guillory Program Assistant II ashley.guillory@lsco.edu 409.882.3392
Butch Campbell Director of Security                           Title IX Deputy Coordinator and  Lead Investigator butch.campbell@lsco.edu  
Carol Gaspard Lab Tech III carol.gaspard@lsco.edu 409.882.3384
Charlene Paulk Faculty / Advisor charlene.paulk@lsco.edu 409.882.3369
Charles Mitchell Director of Physical Plant charles.mitchell@lsco.edu 409.882.3023
Cheryl Byley Director of Purchasing/Contracts cheryl.byley@lsco.edu 409.882.3319
Cindy Wyles PrintShop Coordinator cindy.wyles@lsco.edu 409.882.3359
Dan Robinson Security Coordinator daniel.robertson@lsco.edu 409.882.3366
Elias Jureidini Faculty / Advisor elias.jureidini@lsco.edu 409.882.3351
Fredia Henry Admin. Assistant I, AHWT fredia.henry@lsco.edu 409.882.3344
Gary McLendon Faculty / Advisor gary.mclendon@lsco.edu 409.882.3967
Gwen Whitehead Dean of Academic Studies gwen.whitehead@lsco.edu 409.882.3926
Jerry Sanford Faculty / Advisor jerry.sanford@lsco.edu 409.882.3337
Karolyn Doiron Admin. Assistant II, AHWT karolyn.doiron@lsco.edu 409.882.3313
Kerry Olson Director of Financial Aid
Title IX Assistant Coordinator
kerry.olson@lsco.edu 409.882.3362
Kris Olson Security Guard kris.olson@lsco.edu 409.882.3366
Kristin Walker Dean Health, Workforce, Technical Studies kristin.walker@lsco.edu 409.882.3311
Linda Cheatham Director of Information Technology linda.cheatham@lsco.edu 409.882.3962
Loan Nguyen Faculty / Advisor / Sponsor loan.nguyen@lsco.edu 409.882.3035
Lora Rives Director of Human Resources
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
lora.rives@lsco.edu 409.882.3343
Mike Dempsey Security Guard michael.dempsey@lsco.edu 409.882.3366
Mike  Reeder Faculty / Advisor mike.reeder@lsco.edu 409.882.3943
Patty Collins Executive Director of College Affairs
Title IX Coordinator
patty.collins@lsco.edu 409.882.3922
Samantha Smith Director of Library Services samantha.smith@lsco.edu 409.882.3084
Shana Runnels Faculty / Advisor / Sponsor shana.runnels@lsco.edu 409.882.3324
Suzanne  Baker Faculty / Advisor suzanne.baker@lsco.edu 409.882.3301
Suzonne Crockett Associate Dean of Academic Studies suzonne.crockett@lsco.edu 409.882.3062
Tara Lanphar System Administrator tara.lanphar@lsco.edu 409.882.3969
Vicki Norville Testing Administrator victoria.norville@lsco.edu 409.882.3330