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The Office of
Institutional Research & Effectiveness 

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness is to provide support for institution-wide planning, assessment, evaluation, and evidence-based improvements in order to enhance student learning and ensure the college is accomplishing its mission.

Contact Information
Title Name Phone Office E-mail
Institutional Reporting Official Dr. Hunter Keeney 409-882-3312 Academic Center, Rm 141 Hunter.Keeney@lsco.edu
Coordinator of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Nathan Campos 409-882-3305 Academic Center, Rm 143 Nathan.Campos@lsco.edu
Institutional Research & Effectiveness Specialist Brenna Wheatley 409-882-3957 Academic Center, Rm 144 Brenna.Wheatley@lsco.edu

Fax: 409-882-5096


Institutional Research

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