Vision, Mission, & Core Values


Where Hope Meets Opportunity

Lamar State College Orange will be the college of choice serving Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. As an exemplary place of learning, Lamar State College Orange will prepare the workforce of tomorrow. Our students arrive with the hope of a productive future and leave with the knowledge and opportunities for success that a Lamar State College Orange education provides.


Transforming Lives

Lamar State College Orange transforms lives and communities through the continual pursuit of academic, professional, and personal excellence. We provide new and unique opportunities for growth and success. We are the bridge connecting those we serve to a bright, Orange future.

Core Values

  • Quality: Providing excellence through education
  • Growth: Building a shared vision of opportunity and advancement
  • Service: Meeting the needs of the communities we serve
  • Innovation: Creating an array of unique educational opportunities
  • Success: Achieving personal and professional goals