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Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Division was established in fall 2006 by merging the Liberal Arts and Math/Science divisions. Arts and Science division courses such as biology, English, government and history were the first-ever offered at Lamar State College-Orange more than 35 years ago. These courses still comprise the principal foundation of any baccalaureate degree and all Arts and Sciences Division courses are fully transferable to all public colleges and universities in Texas. Graduates of programs in this division have the opportunity to distinguish themselves in the fields of natural science, criminal justice and jurisprudence, engineering and mathematics, post-secondary education, business and a variety of communication, civil and public service fields.

The Arts and Sciences Division has award-winning instructors in every discipline who teach classes that support the Associate of Applied Science Degree offered through LSC-O. Each degree plan in the curriculum is updated regularly to assure that students receive the courses they need to fulfill their educational and career goals. Students enrolled in this division's programs receive an excellent broad-based education in an atmosphere of support and encouragement and the mentoring they need to propel themselves into a wide array of rewarding careers in all areas of the public and private sectors.

Arts & Sciences

Division Director Contact Information Area of Instruction
Carla Dando
Dean of Instruction
Academic Center Bldg., Rm. 136A
Phone: (409) 882-3976
Fax: (409) 882-3985
English, Government, History, Humanities, Music, Spanish
Jackie Spears
Division Director
Business & Technology
Academic Center Bldg., Rm. 147B
Phone: (409) 882-3018
Fax: (409) 882-5027
Art, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology
Suzonne Crockett
Division Director
Education/College Success
Wilson Building, WB 120
Phone: (409) 882-3062
Fax: (409) 882-3383
Gina Simar
Division Director
Allied Health
Allied Health Building, AHB 120
Phone: (409) 882-3311
Fax: (409) 882-5000
Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Geology, Physical Education, Speech

Administrative Assistant
Debbie Guilbeaux
Academic Center, Rm. 149
Phone: (409) 882-3027
Fax: (409) 882-5027