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General Admission Policy

Lamar State College-Orange welcomes any student interested in education and personal improvement. As a two-year, lower-division component of the Texas State University System, the Lamar State College-Orange campus offers educational opportunity to all citizens through an open-door policy that admits all students who can benefit from post-secondary education. Lamar State College-Orange believes that each individual student is important and welcomes students with diverse backgrounds and needs.

Lamar State College-Orange maintains an open admissions policy. However, state law requires that students who are enrolling in a publicly funded educational institution in Texas are subject to the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), formerly known as TASP, unless otherwise exempt. Students entering Lamar State College-Orange must take the ASSET or an approved alternative test for assessment and placement before registering for college-level classes. ASSET is given on the LSC-O campus and is also available in the computerized version of COMPASS. The Lamar State College-Orange Advising and Counseling Center has information regarding the THEA test and the ASSET.

Lamar State College-Orange requires assessment and placement for all students intending to enroll in a college-level math and/or English composition course. The TSI exemptions do not apply to enrollment in these courses. Questions regarding TSI should be directed to the Advising and Counseling Center.

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to a particular degree or certificate program. Special requirements for various programs, such as the nursing program, employ special admission requirements.