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TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

  1. Welcome to the Lamar State College – Orange Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Pre-Assessment Activity. The pre-assessment activity is designed for the following reasons:
    1. Familiarize you with the purpose of the TSI Assessment and its importance in your academic career.
    2. Inform you about the assessment process and components, and give you the opportunity to practice with sample test items.
    3. Inform you about course placement and developmental education options at LSCO.
    4. Provide you with information about campus resources.
  2. You may be exempt from having to take the TSI Assessment. You can find a list of exemptions here:

    Texas Administrative Code Rule §4.54

    Students seeking a degree or certificate with more than 42 hours and do not meet exemption criteria must take the TSI Assessment. Students in certificate programs with less than 42 hours are considered exempt from the TSI requirements but may need to take an alternate diagnostic test prior to enrolling in math or English for the first time.

  3. TSI is a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. Part of the program is an assessment to determine your basic skills in reading, mathematics and writing.

    The TSI Assessment is an important part of the enrollment process at LSCO and should be taken seriously. Your TSI Assessment score will determine what level your reading, writing and mathematics skills fall into. There are 3 skill levels: Adult Basic Education, Developmental Education, and College Ready.

    The TSI Assessment is an untimed, adaptive, computer based test. Contact the Testing Center to schedule the test.
    LSCO Testing Center
    (409) 882-3330
    Room 104, Ron E. Lewis Library Building.

    Before taking the TSI Assessment it is required that you review the test format and sample questions.
    You can review sample test questions by clicking here.
    Texas Success Initiative Sample Questions

    You can review sample essays by clicking here.
    WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays

    For additional interactive test preparation, you can access the TSI Web Based Study Guide free of charge from the College Board Store.

    Interpreting Your Score

    Please notify the Disability Student Services at 409-882-3370 if you need special testing accommodations.

    You should plan three to four hours for taking the TSI Assessment. On the day of testing:

    • Arrive at the Testing Center 10 minutes before test time.
    • Calculator and scratch paper are provided.
    • Bring: Photo identification (DL or DPS ID) and receipt for $25 from cashier
    Scores will be available immediately upon completion of the testing session and you will be able to meet with an advisor to discuss course placement. If you are not satisfied with your scores, you may retake any or all sections of the TSI Assessment. We strongly recommend you take some additional time to review sample test questions prior to retesting.

  4. You will be placed in classes based on your TSI Assessment scores. LSCO offers courses in each of the skill levels.
      College Ready Developmental Education
    Mathematics 350 or above – MATH 1314 College Algebra or appropriate class for degree plan 336 and below – DMTH 0300

    337-345 – DMTH 0301 Intro to Algebra + NCBM 0101

    346-349 – DMTH 0302 Intermediate Algebra + NCBM 0102
    Reading 351 or above 350 or below – DIRW 0400 Integrated Reading/Writing
    Writing Multiple choice score of 340, and an essay score of at least 4; or a multiple choice score of less than 340, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least 4, and an essay score of at least 5. Multiple choice score of below 340 and/or an essay score below 4; or a multiple choice score of less than 340, and/or an ABE Diagnostic level lower than 4 and/or an essay score of lower than 5.

    • Developmental Education: These classes help build the reading, writing and mathematics skills you need to be successful in college level classes. Developmental courses do not count toward degree requirements and may extend the time it will take you to complete your degree.
      Courses offered – DMTH 0300, DMTH 0301, DMTH 0302, DIRW 0400, NCBM 0101, NCBM 0102.
    • College Ready: Scoring in the College Ready range means you are not required to take any developmental course work and are considered TSI Complete.
    • Non-Course Based Competency Option (NCBO): Non-course based developmental education includes developmental education interventions that use learning approaches that, compared to traditional lecture-only classes, more effectively and efficiently prepare students for college-level work.
    You are considered TSI Complete if you:
    • Meet minimum standards on the TSI Assessment.
    • Meet one of the exemption/exception criteria established by the state.
    • Successfully complete specific developmental coursework.
    Students will work with an advisor to select classes appropriate to the student’s skill level and confidence level. Any student can take a developmental course, even if considered TSI Exempt or Complete.

  5. LSCO supports student success through a variety of resources including: 
    1. The Learning Center
    2. Advising, Counseling and Testing
    3. Financial Aid
    4. Day Care Assistance
    5. Career Services
    6. Disability Services
  6. Just a reminder. This is the TSI Pre-Assessment activity. When the actual test begins, you will be asked the following question:

    Were you provided with information and/or an activity to help you understand all of the following  1. The importance of this assessment, 2. Sample questions, 3. Course options, and 4. resources for students?

    You must answer “yes” to proceed with the test administration.

  7. When you are ready, please see the testing administrator to begin The TSI Assessment.  If you do not feel ready to take the test today, the testing administrator can reschedule your test for another time.