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Placement Testing

Placement testing is available by appointment at no cost to the student.


A diagnostic placement test in mathematics is required for students enrolling in math for the first time to determine the course most appropriate for the individual's skill level. While most students will take only one exam, it is possible that a few may need to take an additional exam to determine placement. The math tests are 60 minutes long, and results are available upon completion of the exam. Although maintained in records for student advising, scores do not appear on the student transcript.

Students who have received passing grades in math courses may continue with the next course in the sequence. Students who have failed or dropped math will re-enroll at the levels indicated previously.

Reading and Writing

Although students enrolled in Level I certificate programs are exempt from the testing requirements of the Texas Success Initiative, reading and writing placement testing may be required prior to course enrollment. Exams are approximately 60 minutes long. Reading placement scores are available immediately after testing; writing scores are generally available within four days of testing.

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