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Academic Council

Academic & Student Support Services Assessment Team

Campus Planning Council

Distance Education Committee

College Preparatory Advisory Committee 

Community Service Planning and Assessment Team

Curriculum Committee

Executive Planning Committee

General Education Assessment Committee

Staff Advisory Committee



Academic Council - The purpose of the Academic Council is to provide leadership and administrative direction concerning Academic Affairs including Instruction, Continuing and Workforce Education, Information Services, the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Information Services, and Library Services.


Academic & Student Support Services Assessment Team - The purpose of the Academic & Student Support Services Assessment Team is to address, coordinate, and continuously improve upon LSC-O's academic and student support services that facilitate and enhance student learning and success.



Campus Planning Council - The Campus Planning Council’s purpose is to provide feedback and advisory guidance to the Executive Planning Committee regarding the Strategic Plan initiatives.


Distance Education Committee - The Distance Education Committee's purpose is to address the far-reaching changes that institutional technology in general and distance learning in particular bring to the educational environment of LSC-O and its students.



College Preparatory Advisory Committee - The LSC–O's College Preparatory Advisory Committee’s purpose is to advise and support a program which coordinates the efforts of college preparatory faculty, staff and administrators to enhance the learning experience for the college preparatory students. The committee will provide guidance and support to the division director of college preparatory faculty while working with administrators in joint efforts.

The College Preparatory Advisory Committee will:

A. focus on organizing the assessment of Student Learning Outcomes of the LSC-O's College Preparatory Program,

B. assure proper placement of students into the college preparatory courses in English and math,

C. monitor and support curriculum development and improvement,

D. research and recommend professional development opportunities for college preparatory faculty,

E. provide leadership and communication facilitation between faculty and administration.



Community Service Planning and Assessment Team - The purpose of the Community Service Planning and Assessment Team is to coordinate the planning, tracking, and assessing of LSC-O’s community service activities that support economic development, promote cultural engagement, and/or encourage cooperation with area school districts.



Curriculum Committee - The Curriculum Committee considers all initiation and changes in course, program, and graduation requirements for technical and academic offerings, approves the general education curriculum, and facilitates program reviews through evaluation in order to provide recommendations for improvement. The committee also reviews and evaluates the College Preparatory Advisory Committee and the Center for Instructional Design and Distance Learning's annual reports.


Executive Planning Committee - The Executive Planning Committee is responsible for strategic planning, defining the long-term vision of the College, determining areas of critical focus on an annual basis, and reviewing institutional performance of the campus-wide operational outcomes.


General Education Assessment Committee - The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) coordinates, assesses, and evaluates student learning relative to core curriculum outcomes. The GEAC arrives at data-driven conclusions to guide the improvement of student learning.


Staff Advisory Committee - The purpose of the Staff Advisory Committee is to function as the official advisory body of staff views relating to the activities of this institution, and provide policy guidance for the administration on all matters pertaining to the welfare and conduct of staff employees.