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General Education

Program Learning Outcomes

Assessment Resources

Methods of Assessment of Student Learning

Tips on Writing Program Learning Outcomes

How to Create Rubrics

General Education at LSC-O

General Education at Lamar State College-Orange is the broad-based foundational course of study that is essential for all disciplines that develop intellectual competencies needed for students to acquire the breadth of knowledge which is the touchstone for life-long learning and success.

Annual Reports
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Core Curriculum 2014 Assessment Information

Following the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Core Curriculum Assessment Guidelines, LSC-O developed six outcome rubrics based upon the Association of American Colleges and Universities VALUE Rubrics. (VALUE is an acronym for Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education).

Rubrics Resources for each skill Resources for all skills
Communication Skills Rubric Resources coming soon
Assignment Development Checklist
Syllabus & Course Development Checklist

(Note: This checklist can be utilized to develop courses which assess any of the six general education core outcomes)


Critical Thinking  Skills Rubric Critical Thinking Skills Resources
Empirical/Quantitative Skills Rubric Resources coming soon
Personal Responsibility Skills Rubric Personal Responsibility Skills Resources
Social Responsibility Skills Rubric Resources coming soon
Teamwork Skills Rubric Teamwork Skills Resources

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Requirements 


Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are the essential knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that a student is expected to have acquired upon graduation of a particular program.  

(click to open PDFs)
PLO Assessment Plan Overview
PLO Tip Sheet
Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Form (blank)
2014-2015 EMS Program Learning Outcomes Assessment (example)
2015-2016 EMS Program Learning Outcomes Assessment (example)
Program Learning Outcome Assessment Timetable
Main Qualities of PLOs
Course-level vs. Program-level Learning Outcomes
Writing PLOs: Poor, Better and Best Examples
PLO Writing Worksheet
PLO Checklist
Action Words for Bloom's Taxonomy
Blank Minutes Form (Editable PDF - must save to your desktop to enable editing)