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College Success Study Skills Classes

Lamar State College-Orange provides an exciting opportunity for ALL new students!

Pharmacy Technology

Most students enter the college environment with an expectation developed from their high school experience; accumulating specific required courses that lead to graduation with little or no thought as to the potential long-term value of the knowledge acquired.

The overall goal of the course known as College Success Study Skills Class is to transform the mindsets of new Lamar State College-Orange students from that of high school course credit collection to a mindset of developing transferrable job knowledge and skills that will lead to continued and sustained success in the workplace as well as life in general.  College Success Study Skills ClassThe course will secondarily address specific skills needed to develop and maintain college/workplace competency.

This course will examine factors that underlie learning success and personal development in higher education.  Topics to be covered include strategic learning, self-regulation, goal settings, motivation, and educational and career planning. 

Techniques such as time management, listening and note taking, text marking, preparing for examinations and the utilization of learning resources are covered.

LVN student Jessica Worthy and pharmacy technology student Jonathan Savoy stand with the Meddispense machine

For more information on or to ask questions about College Success Study Skills Classes, visit www.lsco.edu or call the College Success Division Director, Mary Sizemore. Office in Wilson Building at 409-882-3062 or 409-882-3053.