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Welcome to MyLSC-O!

MyLSC-O is a web portal that provides easy access to campus information for students, faculty, and staff with only one sign-on.

  1. There are two ways to get to MyLSC-O: Visit http://my.lsco.edu
  2. Login Page

  3. Visit http://www.lsco.edu and click the MyLSC-O icon on the right side of the homepage
  4. LSC-O Homepage

What is MyLSC-O?

MyLSC-O is a web portal that gives students, faculty, and staff easy access to the LSC-O campus information. MyLSC-O will be used as the primary form of communication for all LSC-O students.

MyLSC-O Student Features

  • Email access for all students
  • Easy access to important dates and campus events
  • Easy access to courses information


  • Campus: Receive announcements sent to the student body such as special events and holiday closings.
  • Personal: The announcements will be sent directly to you from your instructors or administration.

Academic Services

  • Student Information: Access your grades, account balance, financial aid and personal information. Register online through the use of the Student Self Services channel.
  • Financial Aid: Access documents to complete your financial aid file and check your academic progress.
  • My Courses: Access to a homepage for each course you are enrolled in with tools for chatting, sharing files, course calendar, syllabus, and more.

Obtaining a Username and Password

  1. Each student will be assigned a username and password after registration is complete. To get your username and password, click on the CLICK HERE link just below “How do I get a username and password?”
  2. Login Page Screenshot

  3. On the next page, click on MyLSC-O Login ID under Student Usernames.
  4. Login ID Screenshot

  5. On the Student Login page, enter your Student ID and PIN. Your Student ID can be either your CWID or your social security number. The PIN is your birthday in MMDDYY format unless you have changed it. (If you do not have your Student ID and/or PIN, please contact the Office of Admissions at (409) 882-3364.) After entering the required information, click the Process button. PLEASE NOTE: The Logon Credentials page displays your default username and password.
  6. Enter Your PIN Screenshot

  7. Return to the login screen on the MyLSC-O homepage and log in with the default username and password. If your password does not work, contact the Help Desk at (409) 882-3033.
  8. Password Change Screenshot

Changing Your Password

MyLSC-O passwords expire every 90 days. The Password Expiration Notice channel, located on the right side of the Home tab, will give you days left before your password expires.

  1. To change your password, click on the Change LSC-O password link.
  2. Change Password Link Screenshot

  3. Review the password policy, click on Password Change Form link.
  4. Password Policy Screenshot

  5. Enter LO\username, your old password, your new password, and click the OK button. When your password has successfully changed, you will get the page displayed below.
  6. Screenshot of Successful Password Change

  7. Log out of MyLSC-O and log back in to test your new password.

Accessing Your Courses

Syllabus—Handouts—Course Calendars

MyLSC-O will provide quick access for your course syllabus, class handouts and hand, email from faculty and much more.

To get to your course syllabus, after you have logged into MyLSC-O, click on the Academic Services tab.

Academic Services Tab Screenshot

Next, in the My Courses box (channel), click on Click here to: and you will see the courses you are enrolled in. Click on the course for which you would like to see your syllabus.

My Courses Screenshot

Each course has its own Course Homepage. This page contains links in the left panel that will give you access to files, links, calendar, email, etc. Under Course Tools, click Files. The Course Files page will open. This is where you will find your syllabus. You will have to repeat these steps for each class.

Course Homepage Screenshot

Course Files

Accessing Self Service for Students

Personal Information—Grades—Registration

MyLSC-O also provides access to important student information and course details.

After you have logged into MyLSC-O, click on the Academic Services tab. In the Self Service for Students channel, click on Student Information.

Self Service for Students Screenshot

Student Information allows students to easily review personal information, schedules, grades, holds, transcripts and account balances. You can also register for, drop/add, and view courses offered. Click on any of the links on the page and follow the instructions.

Student Information Screenshot

For example, to access your grades, click on Grades under Student Records.

On the next screen, click on the down arrow in the Select Term drop box to select the appropriate term. After you click Submit, your grades will appear.

Financial Aid

MyLSC-O allows you to stay current on financial aid information, including balances, scholarships, and academic progress.

Within the Academic Services tab, within the Self Service for Students channel, click on Financial Aid Students.

Financial Aid Students Screenshot

To review award information, click on Financial Aid, then click Award. Select the current award year from the drop box, then click Submit.

Financial Aid Screenshot

Aid Year Screenshot

Select the Award Overview tab. This will display the cost of attendance data as well as all grant, scholarship, loan, and work study award information.

Award Overview Screenshot

To review your academic progress status, return to the main menu by selecting the Financial Aid tab. Then click on the Financial Aid Status link.

To access any requirements needed to process your financial aid, return to the main menu and click on the Eligibility link.


Q: Do I have to use MyLSC-O?
A: Yes, it is important for students to maintain an active account because MyLSC-O is the primary form of communication used on the campus.

Q: Do I use the MyLSC-O password to access other campus systems?
A: Yes, the MyLSC-O password is also used to log on to the network (i.e. computers in campus labs), to connect to Wi-Fi on campus and to access the library databases.

Q: Do I have to change my password?
A: Yes, the password expires every 90 days. The previous 24 passwords are stored and are ineligible for use.

Q: Are passwords case sensitive?
A: Yes, passwords are case sensitive. Usernames are not.

Q: How do I access e-mails from my instructors?
A: When you log in to MyLSC-O on the home tab, you will see a icon that allows you to open your email.

Q: How do I know my email address?
A: Student email accounts are username@my.lsco.edu. You can also see your email address on the home tab in the top right hand corner of the email channel.

Q: When I am trying to change my password, I get an object required error. What am I missing?
A: When changing your password you must type in LO\ in front of your username. Example: LO\jddoe

Q: How do I get my grades and/or my unofficial transcript?
A: They can be accessed by going to the Academic Services tab and clicking on Student Information.

MyLSC-O Help Desk
Academic Center, Room 101
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(409) 882-3033