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Information Services

Mission Statement

The Department of Information Services' purpose is to support effective teaching and learning, as well as provide an innovative technology environment including robust network infrastructure, secure information processing infrastructure, and quality computing services to students, faculty, and staff.

General Information

The LSCO data network that supports the various learning avenues consists of approximately 800 nodes. These 800 nodes are distributed across nine (9) buildings within the campus and one (1) remote site. Eleven (11) student computer labs are used for instruction, three (3) open access labs along with the Learning and Testing Centers. The LSCO server environment consists of 16 physical servers on campus running a mix of Windows, VMWare, and Linux operating systems. The servers provide file/print, email, and web services.  The institution has 802.11 wireless access points across the campus that provides wireless access in all institutional buildings and limited outside open space coverage (additional outside coverage is in the planning stages).  The Internet access is provided through the use of a 100MB connection to the Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN) with a redundant 100MB connection to Time Warner.

LSCO currently has approximate 30+ instructional classrooms that have audio/visual stations installed. These audio/visual stations include projection systems or LCD displays, DVD/VCR, visual presenter and computer with internet access.

The software applications supported include; but are not limited to office technology, pharmacy, dental office, doctor's office, CLEP testing, Microsoft certification testing, various allied health study applications, programming, administrative computing and PGP applications.

The administrative computing resources are provided and maintained by Lamar University through an interagency contact. The administrative computing consists of student records, financial records, human resources information and library catalog services. The connection to the administrative computer system from on campus is via point-to-point VPN. The VPN operates over our 100Mbs redundant Internet connection. Connection to Self-service Banner (SSB) is available from any Internet connected web device and is secured through SSL.

The Department of Information Services staffing consists of ten (10) full-time employees. These employees provide the support for all technology resources on the LSCO campus.