OU Login

LSC-O Systems Access

NetID Account

Students Only: NetID@my.lsco.edu/Password
Faculty/Staff: NetID@lsco.edu/Password

  • your NetID and default password (credentials) can be retrieved by following the prompts located on the following web page:

    NetID/Password Retrieval

  • Password Processes
  • these credentials are used to access the online course materials in the Blackboard system, Microsoft Office 365 (email and other resources), and to access campus PC’s, the campus network, and licensed digital library resources.

Campus ID/PIN

  • are entered to access self-service banner (registrations, grades, etc)  and mobile app (grades, notifications, personal class schedule etc.), and Touchnet payment system
  • your PIN is initially assigned as your date of birth in the format MMDDYY, with the last YY being the last two digits of a four digit year (ie. 81 if birth year is 1981)