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Applying for Graduation at Lamar State College Orange

Congratulations! You’re almost finished with your Degree, Certificate and/or Institutional Award.

This graduation checklist will guide you through the graduation process and allow you to participate in the commencement festivities. We will send all graduation communications to your LSCO email as well as via text messages.

Any questions regarding the graduation application process or commencement can be sent to graduation@lsco.edu.

Important Dates to Remember:

August 30 Graduation Application process begins
November 1 Graduates will be assigned a Graduation Ceremony time based on major
November 22 Last day to apply for graduation online
Nov. 22, 23, 26, or Dec. 4 ETS Proficiency Profile Administered to graduates. Students preparing to graduate with an Associate of Science, Associate of Arts or Associate of Arts in Teaching degree must take this exam.
December 2 Last day to apply for graduation in person (3rd Floor of Library, Rm. 341)
December 13 8:30 am Graduation Breakfast - Shahan Event Center
  10 am Graduation Rehearsal - Lutcher Theater
  3 pm Graduation Ceremony - Lutcher Theater 
  7 pm Graduation Ceremony - Lutcher Theater
December 18 Diplomas available for pickup on 3rd Floor of Library, Rm. 355

Graduation Checklist

✔ Review your degree audit and contact your program director

  • Follow the DegreeWorks link in Student Services/Self-Service under Student Records. Verify you are in the correct major and all the requirements needed for graduation will be completed this term.
  • Contact your program director or dean if you meet the requirements or if you have questions about your degree evaluation or remaining requirements. (Don’t know your Program Director? List of Program Directors is below or contact graduation@lsco.edu for assistance.)
  • If you meet all graduation requirements, program directors or deans will notify the Graduation Clerk. Students will receive an email to their LSCO email with a link and instructions to complete the Online Graduation Application.

Program Directors

Business, Business Management, Business Management Accounting, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship: Leah Busby, Leah.Busby@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3034, Academic Center, Rm. 205

Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, CISCO Networking Cybersecurity Technician, Game Designer, Game Specialist, General Studies, Information Technology Support Assistant-Networking Specialist, Information Technology Support Assistant-Software Developer, Information Technology Support Specialist, Web Design/Multimedia: Diane Dotson, Diane.Dotson@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3038

Criminal Justice Corrections, Criminal Justice: Shana Sellars, Shana.Sellars@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3324, Academic Center, Rm. 110A

Dental Assisting: Colleen Baker, Colleen.Baker@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3022, Allied Health Bldg., Rm. 221

Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate: Ricky Land, Ricky.Land@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3929, Allied Health Bldg., Rm. 119

General Studies, Communication, Liberal Arts, Natural Science, Pre Medical Professional, Sociology: Gwen Whitehead, Dean of Academic Studies, Gwen.Whitehead@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3926

Industrial Technology, Process Operating Technology, Process Technology: Earl Geis, Earl.Geis@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3000, Industrial Technology Bldg., Rm. 101 

Instrumentation: Chris Stewts, Chris.Stewts@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3020, Wilson Bldg, Rm. 121

Pharmacy Technology: Thera Celestine, Thera.Celestine@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3010 , Allied Health Bldg., Rm 123

Teaching – Grades EC-6, 4-8, Special Ed. EC-12, Teaching – Grades 8-12, EC-12: Suzonne Crockett, Associate Dean, Suzonne.Crocket@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3062, Shahan Event Center

Registered Nursing, Advanced Nurse Aide: Leah Anne McGee, LeahAnne.McGee@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3307, Nursing Classroom Bldg., Rm. 104

Vocational Nursing: Lorrie LeBlanc, Lorrie.LeBlanc@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3308, Nursing Classroom Bldg., Rm. 104L

Welding Technology: Gary McLendon, Gary.McLendon@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3967, Welding Bldg.

✔ Apply for Graduation

Applicants will complete an Online Graduation Application for each diploma, certificate or institutional award you are eligible to receive though Student Services/Self-Service. The online application system will only be accessible after your program director has notified the Graduation Clerk of your eligibility. You will receive an email to your LSCO email providing information about applying. If you did not receive an email or you see “no curriculum” in Student Services/Self Service please contact your program director.

The online application will be available until 11:59 p.m. November 22, 2019. After that date, students who are ready to graduate must contact the Admissions & Records Office at graduation@lsco.edu, (409) 882-3365 or in person on the 3rd Floor of the Library, Rm. 341. Graduation applications will be accepted until December 2, 2019.

Once you have completed the Online Graduation Application you will receive additional information regarding the Graduation Breakfast, Rehearsal and Commencement via your LSCO email.

✔ ETS Proficiency Profile Graduation Requirement (December and May Graduations Only)

If you will be receiving an Associate of Applied Science, Certificate or Institutional Award you do not have to take the ETS Proficiency Profile.  Students graduating with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Arts in Teaching degree are required to take the ETS Proficiency Profile prior to graduation.  Please read the ETS Proficiency Profile Graduation Requirement which includes test dates and how to sign up.

✔ Pay for Cap and Gown

Cap and Gowns can be purchased at the Lamar State College Orange Bookstore, inside the Workforce Education Building on Green Avenue.

Cost: $37.98 (plus tax)

✔ Participation in Commencement

It’s YOUR time to celebrate and showcase the completion of your diploma!

In order to participate in the graduate ceremony, you must apply for graduation. The Office of Student Services is responsible for determining the number of graduates at each commencement to ensure ample seating for graduates’ guests. There will be 2 Lamar State College Orange Graduation Ceremonies this semester.  All ceremonies will take place in the Lutcher Theater on Friday, December 13, 2019.  Your major/program will determine which ceremony you will participate in. Graduation assignments will be made by November 1.

3 pm Graduation Ceremony - Lutcher Theater

7 pm Graduation Ceremony - Lutcher Theater

Graduates are asked to meet on the 3rd floor of the Lutcher Theater 45 minutes before the ceremony begins.  

Why Attend Commencement?

  • Name, Degree and Honors (if applicable) will be announced during ceremony
  • Celebrate the completion of your hard work and dedication with family and friends
  • Photographs preserving the moment and memory will be taken and available for purchase
    • Photograph package includes 1 – 8x10, 2 – 4x5 and 4 wallets for $20
    • Pay for photographs at Graduation Breakfast
    • Pick up photographs two weeks after commencement on the 3rd Floor of the Library, Rm 355

✔ Receive Your Degree

After you have successfully completed all courses and are cleared for graduation your degree will be conferred at the end of the term. Diplomas will be available for pick December 18th on the 3rd Floor of the Library, Rm 355. Please remember that participation in the commencement ceremony does not constitute official graduation from LSCO; your degree must be conferred before you are considered a graduate of Lamar State College Orange. Students who have not been cleared financially with the Cashier’s Office will not receive a diploma until all financial obligations have been cleared.

Not Attending Commencement Ceremony

Even if you do not plan to attend the graduation ceremony, you must complete the Graduation Checklist and apply for graduation to receive your diploma. Graduates not attending the ceremony will pick up their diploma December 18th on the 3rd Floor of the Library, Rm 355.