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Whether you are a first time student at Lamar State College-Orange or a returning student, there are plenty of resources that will ease your way into the online environment. Desire2Learn (D2L) is the course management system that is used as a virtual classroom. Online students are expected to be familiar with the course management system (D2L) in order to fully participate in the class. Participation in an online class includes, but is not limited to, viewing News announcements, reading online course materials and textbooks, engaging in discussions, submitting assignments, and taking online quizzes or online exams.

To help you to participate effectively in class, videos are available at http://www.youtube.com/lscoedu

How do I

(Download the following handouts):

  1. D2L Recipes - A quick guidebook on How-to in Desire2Learn 
  2. Get an overview of Desire2Learn Homepage
  3. Get an overview of Desire2Learn Course Homepage 
  4. Communication tools in Desire2Learn
  5. Assignment tool in Desire2Learn
  6. Quiz tool in Desire2Learn
  7. Netiquette - Be professional online