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Cisco Networking/Cybersecurity Technician
(C) Certificate

Purpose Statement

This certificate is recommended for students who plan to pursue careers as network technicians, network engineers, network administrators and network help-desk staff. This program prepares students to certify as Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA).

Program of Study
Course Subject Course Title Credit Hours
First Semester
ITCC 1310 Cisco Discovery 1 3
Total Hours: 3
Second Semester
ITCC 1311 Cisco Discovery 2 3
Total Hours: 3
Third Semester
ITDF 1300 Introduction to Digital Forensics 3
Total Hours: 3
Fourth Semester
ITDF 1305 Digital Data Storage Forensics 3
Elective Information Technology Course * 3
Total Hours: 6
Grand Total: 15

IT Course: BCIS1310, COSC1301, COSC1336, COSC1337, IMED1316, ITSC1325, ITSE1345, ITSC1359, ITNW1354, ITSW1304, ITSW1307

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