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Basic Welding Technology Certificate (One Semester)

Purpose Statement

This certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry-level welding occupations. Students will learn basic techniques in flux core arc welding, brazing and oxyacetylene cutting. They will also learn to read blueprints and how to work safely with welding tools and equipment. They will use basic math skills to assist them in building and repairing. Some occupations in the welding industry are gas and arc welder, welder/fitter, layout/welder, and fabricator. Graduates of this program will be able to work in shipyards, fabrication shops and the construction industry.

Program of Study

First Semester Course Credit Hours
TECM 1303 Technical Math
WLDG 1312 Introduction to Flux Core Arc Welding*
WLDG 1313 Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders
WLDG 1323 Welding Safety, Tools & Equipment
WLDG 1327 Welding Codes
Total Hours

*WLDG 1312 cross references WLDG 1012 CEU

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