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Natural Science

The Associate of Science degree in Natural Science allows a student to explore basic studies in general and environmental biology, chemistry, geology and physics.* Students also have the opportunity to prepare for more advanced study toward a baccalaureate degree by completing the broad general education requirements of the core curriculum.

Science is one of the fastest-growing components of the LSCO curriculum. Students graduating with the Natural Science degree are ready to pursue further study leading to careers in research, environmental science, pharmacy, health care, engineering, energy exploration, education and a wide range of other exciting and challenging fields.

Dean of Academic Studies
Dr. Gwen Whitehead

Phone: (409) 882- 3926
Academic Center, Rm. 129B

Associate Dean of Academic Studies
Dr. Suzonne Crockett

Phone: (409) 882- 3062
Shahan Events Center, Rm. 122