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Dental Assisting

Lamar State College Orange's successful Dental Assisting program meets all student needs to become a qualified dental assistant. Completion of this program enables students to choose their positions in the field of dentistry. Students are trained in many aspects of the profession, including roles as an insurance clerk, receptionist, hygiene coordinator, laboratory assistant, sales representative for dental suppliers as well as assisting in all specialties of dentistry.

The Lamar State College Orange Dental Assisting Program is located in the Allied Health Building on the LSCO campus.

Program Director 
Colleen Baker

Phone: (409) 882-3022
Fax: (409) 882-5000
Allied Health Bldg., Rm. 221

Technical Studies Administrative Assistant II
Lacey LeMoine

Phone: (409) 882-3044
Fax: (409) 882-5000
Allied Health Bldg., Rm. 122

Camie Colley
(409) 882-3361
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 237

Stacy DeMontmollin
(409) 882-3361 VM 2002
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 237